Students and corporate partners meet in Ghent and Leuven

At the beginning of each academic year we invite our students to meet our corporate partners – and vice versa. This Meet the Corporates event is set up in Leuven for MBA students and in Ghent for Masters students.

The setting is informal and has proven to be effective: for numerous students, this first contact ends in an exciting job with a company that fosters talent. And this is exactly what happened to American student Aina Fuller, who found herself recruited by the world’s largest beverage company, Anheuser-Busch InBev.

“Without Vlerick, I would have floundered”

Aina Fuller did a Masters in General Management in 2011-2012. After graduating she was recruited by AB InBev, where she was immersed in a 10-month trainee programme.

Aina FullerWhy did you choose Vlerick?
Aina: “I’m from New York, and was already in Europe when a Belgian friend recommended Vlerick. I could see that it was highly respected, but the key to winning me over was its location in Ghent, and Belgium’s complex cultural matrix.”

What was it like to study at Vlerick?
Aina: “It was one of the most enriching years of my education, thanks not just to informative classes, but to the wider experience of living in Ghent. Vlerick tests both knowledge and leadership. In a group, a class family, discovering your abilities together brings you closer. You have to build bonds, and I made some amazing friendships.”

And you landed a job with one of our corporate partners…
Aina: “That was through one of the recruitment opportunities. I learned about AB InBev’s culture of meritocracy, which values individual input. The company is notorious for pushing you out of your comfort zone and I wouldn’t have been able to handle the five recruitment rounds without the preparation Vlerick’s Career Services provided. Without Vlerick, I think I would have floundered.”

In order to prepare themselves for the Meet the Corporates events, all students receive a copy of the Corporate Recruitment Guide. This gives an overview of all the recruiting opportunities (for young potentials as well as experienced hires) that our corporate partners have to offer.

About AB InBev

As the world’s largest beverage company, Anheuser-Busch InBev bestrides the brewing market, accounting for one-quarter of global beer sales. The Belgian-Brazilian multinational runs its $40bn empire with its 116,000 employees from its global headquarters in Leuven.

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