‘The digital transformation is bridging the gap between sales and marketing’

OnlySalesJob takes Talent Partnership to another level

Putting our Master’s degree students more clearly in the picture. Check. Giving visitors of their platform access to our sales and marketing programmes. Check. What’s the next step? According to Alexandre Dembour, partner at OnlySalesJob and DataNewsJobs, this is ‘Working more closely with the Vlerick faculty’.

OnlySalesJob, an online recruitment platform for sales and marketing profiles, has recently renewed its Talent Partnership. How has the partnership developed over the past three years?

Alexandre Dembour - OnlySalesJobAlexandre Dembour: ‘We are delighted to be associated with Vlerick, a prestigious academic partner which, because of its unique organisational structure, has closer ties to the business community than conventional universities. One of our goals was to heighten our visibility among graduates of the Masters in Marketing Management and General Management programmes. This has been exceptionally successful: at the beginning of our partnership we held an interview at our offices with Philippe Haspeslagh, the dean of Vlerick at the time. The video of that interview has been seen 8322 times on our website since then, from start to finish. A video by Marion Debruyn, the current dean of Vlerick has been viewed by 4673 people with sales and marketing profiles. In addition, 282 Vlerick sales and marketing students seeking a job have registered with our OnlySalesJob recruitment platform. We are very happy with these fantastic results.’

Were there other goals?

Alexandre Dembour: ‘Yes, we wanted to give visitors to our online platform more than just access to vacancies, but also to training programmes in sales and marketing. Vlerick’s programmes respond to the needs of our target groups. On the one hand, you have the typical Master profiles. These are high potentials who are very ambitious and place a lot of importance on their career. Such profiles are very much sought after in the market and leading companies make a lot of effort nowadays to get in touch with them. On the other hand, there are the MBAs that train students to become acquainted with new businesses, widen their horizons and build up more credibility within the company they’re working for. We don’t deal with these as often.’

‘Vlerick Master’s degree job profiles are very much sought after in the market’, says Alexandre Dembour, partner at OnlySalesJob.

Will you place an emphasis on other areas as part of the new partnership?

Alexandre Dembour: ‘We will continue to work in the same areas, but we are adding a third objective. In this new partnership, we want to get more out of working with the faculty; we will further develop and extend this. Vlerick’s investments in a campus in Brussels are a blessing for us: this will give us the possibility of engaging in more brainstorming at a central location. We are currently working with a number of Vlerick lecturers on a digital marketing competition, in which we pool our greatest assets. We have an ample database and direct access to interesting profiles, with Vlerick contributing the academic skills that are needed for processing the content.’

Have you noted an evolution in sales profiles?

Alexandre Dembour: ‘The digital world has had a great influence on filling sales roles. With regard to B2C, the advent of e-commerce has turned the classic salesperson profile on its head. Nowadays, it has become more of an advisory role, and technical knowledge has gained more importance. When examining the B2B situation, we can see that the modern salesperson is also expected to have knowledge of marketing and marketing tools. That was not the case ten years ago. Particularly at bigger companies - where a greater return-on-investment is expected - a single salesperson is responsible for several accounts, which makes automation indispensable. You can be sure that the digital transformation is bridging the gap between sales and marketing.’