Who’ll be the best female entrepreneur of the year?

Finalists for the 13th Womed Award announced

Anne Chapelle, Greetje Demuelenaere, Daniëlle Vanwesenbeeck and Liese Verhaeghe are the four finalists for the 13th edition of the Womed Award. Womed – Women in Enterprise and Development – is an initiative of mabizz, the entrepreneurs network for women from markant, and UNIZO in collaboration with Vlerick Business School, KBC and Trends.

This award honours an exceptional female entrepreneur who has been running her own business for at least five years. In addition, the award is also given to encourage female entrepreneurs and to inspire them to step into entrepreneurship. On 14 March, Minister President Kris Peeters will present the award to the winning finalist.

Vlerick would like to congratulate the four finalists! The School is also particularly proud of Liese Verhaeghe, who participated in the SME Challenge programme at Vlerick in 2010. Clearly, her investment is now bearing fruit!

This year’s Womed Award is also highlighting the surge of female entrepreneurial talent. For the first time, the award for Promising Talent is being presented to a female starter who has been active in her own business for 2 to 5 years.

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