Our Corporate Governance

Roch Doliveux

Frank Donck  Marion Debruyne  Patrick De Greve
Roch Doliveux
Frank Donck
Marion Debruyne
Patrick De Greve
General Director

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors supervises the output and strategy of the School. The Board also functions as a sounding board and supports the School in various areas.
The Board of Directors is led by Chairman Dr Roch Doliveux and Vice Chairman Frank Donck.

Its composition reflects continuity with the past, association with our parent universities, openness to civil society, and participation of the international business world and our alumni association.

General Council

The General Council is responsible for the strategic and financial governance of the School and all its structural changes. Its members represent various socio-economic entities, the alumni network, the associated universities and faculty of the School.
The General Council is led by Chairman Dr Roch Doliveux and Vice Chairman Mr Frank Donck.

Our Corporate Governance

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