“The most important benefit is content”

Centre for Excellence in People Performance

HR consultancy Hudson is one of the four Prime Foundation Partners of the Vlerick Centre for Excellence in People Performance (CEPP). Associate Director Talent Management Brecht Decroos and Practice Leader Performance Management Julie Fobe explain what’s in it for them.

Brecht Decroos: “Vlerick and Hudson have over a decade of history together. We’re a listed HR consulting firm, with offices in more than 20 countries, and our Belgium-based operation has some 250 staff in six offices. We’re always keen to learn more about performance management policies and practices in the market, and the CEPP is very useful for keeping our finger on the pulse in that respect.”


“We work together on different levels,” he continues. “We make an active contribution during the CEPP workshops and meetings, and also have an advisory role in the CEPP, where we discuss the scope of specific research carried out by Vlerick. Likewise, Vlerick is also involved in Hudson’s development activities as a sparring partner.

“We don’t use this partnership for commercial purposes: the most important benefit is content. If we want to keep up with trends, it’s very important to exchange ideas with Vlerick and the CEPP partners.”


“The CEPP has conducted academic research over recent years on the effectiveness of performance management. It’s often an eye-opener for us, and it helps us to develop the right solutions for our clients. The results give us clear insight into the do’s and don’ts. For example, you might have the perfect tool but lack the right communication tools, which can create a situation where the system fails.”

No one-size-fits-all

“We always have someone from Hudson in the CEPP sessions,” Julie Fobe adds. “It’s really a win-win situation: we can share our expertise, whilst getting a better view of the markets and trends, and different ideas about performance management – ideas that are constantly evolving and changing. We’re always looking to see if we can incorporate these trends into the range of services we offer. But we also look at the context, because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We develop best practices based on a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience.”


The Centre for Excellence in People Performance (CEPP) was set up in 2004 to motivate employees to achieve outstanding performance. The Centre is a unique platform where member organisations share their experience and acquire fresh insight into how to engage and support employees to improve their performance.

“The most important benefit is content”

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