The Performance Generator

Nadim Penser, Vice President Human Resources & SHEQ/IMS (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) with Swedish industrial giant Atlas Copco, explains how Vlerick’s Performance Generator helps empower managers.

“As a company, Atlas Copco is well established across the world and in our sectors. This means we work with lots of teams in different environments, and we need to ensure that they are all operating efficiently in line with our values. One of our key values is individual empowerment. We believe in leadership by coaching, where managers explain what they expect of their staff as individuals and as a team, and then coach them how to eliminate potential obstacles in their performance. The Performance Generator is a wonderful tool for helping achieve this.”


The Performance Generator is provided as part of the Parts and Services Master Class development programme that Atlas Copco runs in conjunction with Vlerick. “This programme is like a mini-MBA,” Nadim Penser explains. “It covers issues like marketing, service strategy, HR and finance. The Performance Generator is a reference book that backs up key messages from programme sessions. It provides simple, concrete, easily applicable tools, and describes practical examples of how to motivate people and produce teams that function effectively.”

Insight and inspiration

The Performance Generator helps teach managers how to manage people well. How do you set concrete goals to empower people? How do you motivate them and reward them? How do you create a feedback culture? Nadim Penser: “Each individual gains insight and inspiration. It’s then up to them to take back what they've learned to their respective markets and companies, and decide how they want to implement it.”


“The messages about motivating people and empowerment are very much in line with Atlas Copco’s values and philosophy, and help give structure and meaning to the performance management system. We want to give people the freedom to achieve their results on their own, with the support of their manager.”

The Performance Generator

  • Target: line managers
  • Format: an “action” book with exercises, tips and Q&As.


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