Top salaries lower in Belgium09 Feb 2012

Compared with those in neighbouring countries, top salaries in Belgium are lower and less variable, with a CEO’s earnings totalling less than half of what a counterpart in the UK can earn. Although Belgium is more or less on a par with its neighbours in terms of fixed remuneration, the difference can be considerable when it comes to variable remuneration. These are the findings of a European survey of top salaries in listed companies, carried out by Vlerick’s Executive Remuneration Research Centre. The UK leads the way in variable remuneration, mainly because British companies are more prone to implement a share-related reward scheme linked to performance criteria. In fact, some 90% of UK firms grant shares to their CEOs, compared with almost 70% of companies in the Netherlands and only half of the larger quoted companies in Belgium and France.

The full findings of the survey can be found through Vlerick Knowledge.


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