What is your enterprising potential?

Those who seek to hire, develop or invest in entrepreneurial types want to be able to identify potential reliably. Research by Eva Cools and Professor Herman Van den Broeck has shed light on the matter. What characteristics and cognitive styles distinguish Flemish entrepreneurs from their less enterprising peers? Their findings suggest five personality traits of a budding entrepreneur:

  1. a tolerance for ambiguity;
  2. self-efficacy;
  3. proactivity;
  4. ownership and control; and
  5. a need to achieve.

They also found that entrepreneurs typically have a creative cognitive style that makes them unafraid of generating and experimenting with imaginative, often impulsively conceived ideas. However, the same style and the same personality traits can also be found in the non-entrepreneurial workforce. It is in fact the way in which the cognitive style is combined with the personality traits that determines the level of entrepreneurship.

Curious to find out how entrepreneurship can be introduced and developed to optimise your company’s performance? The report of the study can be found at Vlerick Knowledge.

What is your enterprising potential?

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