Effective springboard

Itineris’ Young Employee Programme targets young potentials

Set up nine years ago to provide integrated business solutions to utility companies, Itineris has seen exponential growth at home and abroad ever since. To offer its young potentials an effective springboard within the company, Itineris joined forces with Vlerick to develop the Young Employee Programme. “One year on, virtually all of the participants have successfully progressed their careers,” reports HR Manager Catherine Vandeweghe.  

Due to the company’s rapid growth, Itineris is always looking to recruit new people. A positive sign, of course, but in HR terms it created an imbalance between a large group of young employees, who had been with Itineris for two or three years, and senior management. “These young potentials can take on a lot of responsibility very quickly,” points out Catherine Vandeweghe, “but to be sure that they really accept that ownership in a way that’s in line with the company’s expectations, you need to create a framework. And Vlerick was our ideal partner in that respect.”

A known quantity

And Vlerick was certainly not an unknown quantity as a partner. Vandeweghe: “In 2010 we organised a course specifically for our middle management. The outstanding quality of Vlerick programmes was immediately obvious from the enthusiastic response. Together with Professor Buyens and Heidi Klein from Vlerick, and the course participants, we tailored the content to a younger audience. For instance, we chose a module on negotiation techniques that has proved to be useful in day-to-day liaison with clients.”

Friday/Saturday double

Fifteen young potentials with a predominantly economic profile freed up two Fridays and two Saturdays for the Young Employee Programme – taking this kind of group away from projects for four full working days would have had too much of an impact on the company’s everyday business. “But for a Vlerick course, they gladly sacrificed a couple of Saturdays,” says Vandeweghe with a wink.  

Good investment?

Were the high expectations met? Vandeweghe: ”Absolutely. The quality of the tutors – enthusiastic, prominent in their field and open to interaction – raised this programme to a higher level than a ‘traditional’ training course. For Itineris, the investment paid off in two ways: this tailor-made programme was much less expensive than having to sign up 15 people separately, and within a year the participants had worked their way up to positions with more responsibility within the organisation.”

Young Employee Programme at Itineris

Two Fridays, two Saturdays

15 participants

Profile: business engineers, economists, civil engineers, IT specialists

Criteria for participation:  

  • have worked at Itineris for two years
  • had a good appraisal in 2010 and 2011
  • proven flexibility/mobility/attitude


  • for Itineris: Catherine Vandeweghe (HR Manager) + participants in 2010 middle management programme
  • for Vlerick: Prof. Dirk Buyens (Academic Dean) and Heidi Klein (Research Associate)

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