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Customised programmes

After a successful programme in 2009 that aligned 120 of the most senior staff from all over the world around a set of objectives, the Aliaxis Group wanted to do something similar for its global middle management. The Expand & Navigate programme brings participants in from every corner of the globe, and combines a one-week live course with online follow-up through an e-learning platform.

Phil HerbertThe Aliaxis Group, a leading global manufacturer and distributor of primarily plastic fluid handling systems with its headquarters in Belgium, knows that there’s really no substitute for actual face-to-face contact and meetings, as this creates links and forges bonds that e-mail simply doesn’t manage. “That’s why, for our Expand & Navigate programme, we insisted on a one-week live course that covered important professional aspects such as business model generation, strategy, finance and leadership,” explains Phil Herbert, HR Director of the Group. “Aliaxis management were also involved and senior executives from the head office came to talk about the different strategic aspects affecting the regular day-to-day business.” The details of the new programme were completed earlier this year and by the end of June, 24 people had completed the first workshop.

Different ways of doing business

“In the first group, half were from Europe, while the others came from every corner of the Aliaxis world – including North and Latin America, Asia and Australasia,” Phil recalls. “Plenty of opportunities were created for the different participants to meet and learn from one another, particularly when it comes to appreciating the different ways of doing business around the world.” Initial feedback was excellent, with average scores for each of the speakers well in excess of 4 out of 5. Comments from the students have been very positive as well – all in all, an excellent start.

Shared learning

Vlerick has also developed an e-learning platform for the group through which a continual stream of information, articles and training materials can be posted. There are links to the programme content, and a mechanism for the participants to share their learning and everyday experiences.

Vlerick Learning Centre

The exciting new Vlerick Learning Centre aims to challenge the traditional face-to-face training that executives currently receive and integrate the best learning methods of the future, whatever they may be: games, interactive classrooms and distance learning.

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