Vlerick Reflect Magazine #16 - December 2012

Welcome to the digital version of Vlerick reflect magazine! This special edition of Vlerick reflect gives you more insight into the latest trends in the field of Marketing & Sales.

Read the articles online and discover also the extra content and extra articles that you don’t find in the printed version. Moreover, we created extra MULTIMEDIA CONTENT:

  • You can download the magazine in PDF format.
  • A podcast will guide you through the articles of the central dossier: there's a version for iPod and a regular MP3 version
  • There's also a tablet version of the magazine: the iPad version can be read after downloading the Vlerick reflect app from the iTunes store; the Android version can be downloaded via Google Play Market

Contents Vlerick reflect #16 - December 2012

Word from the dean

Word from the dean

Dossier Marketing & Sales: How well do you know your customer?
International News
School Update
Faculty Files - meet our new faculty
Corporate Partnership Magazine

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