“I need databases!”

Faculty files: Philippe Baecke - Assistant Professor in Marketing

The number crunching side of marketing and purchasing behaviour has long appealed to Philippe Baecke. “I’m a business analyst through and through and enjoy finding out how we can use the data companies gather to predict behaviour. Of course, the psychology side of marketing can help us find patterns so as to optimise purchasing models, but data mining helps to implement these findings on a large scale.”

Companies are increasingly recognising the value of business analysts like Philippe for transforming the massive amount of data they collect into a useful form. “The information can be used for several strategies but I apply it to marketing. For instance, I’ve helped analyse customer purchasing behaviour for a supermarket so that they could send their customers personalised discount coupons. With our models, we practically know what consumers will buy before they do themselves.”

Philippe will be involved in business projects, teaching and research. “My research is fairly technical, focusing on developing models and exploring programming language, whilst my teaching will cover the more managerial side of these techniques and how they can be used to improve customer relationship management. The close collaboration with business is important for me. To do my research, I need databases. And those databases come from companies.”

  • Education PhD in Applied Economics (Ghent University), Advanced Masters in Marketing Analysis (Ghent University), Masters in Applied Economics (Ghent University)
  • Fields of expertise Customer relationship management, database marketing, geo-marketing, interactive marketing
  • Career so far Course assistant for Advanced Topics in Marketing (2011-2012), Analytical Customer Relationship Management (2007-2010) and Marketing Information Systems (2008-2012), PhD student (2007-2012)

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