“I will be more involved in building up the Brussels campus”

Faculty files: Filip Abraham - Professor of International Economics

Professor Filip Abraham is already a familiar face, as he’s been working with us in one way or another since 1998. He’s also well-known at KU Leuven, where he is currently Vice-Rector. With his term there coming to an end, Filip is going to be able to devote more of his time to Vlerick. “This year is a sort of transition period, but after that I aim to step up my commitment here. I’ll be developing the amount of teaching work and in-company projects and training I do, and I’m going to be increasingly involved in building up the campus in Brussels. It’s a challenge I’m looking forward to, as there are several areas we want to develop in Brussels that lie within my field of expertise, including European integration, European business and financial regulation.

“My other research interests lie in international business and international economics. The two fields are very close; it’s just another focus. Whether I’m consulting on a macro or a micro level, the approach is the same – apply the theoretical frameworks to explain how a situation will affect the environment and make sure you cover a wide enough range of the spectrum to make it interesting for companies. The next step is to focus on a specific issue such as strategy or social responsibility, but that’s where other experts at Vlerick come in.”

  • Education PhD in Economics (University of Michigan, USA), Masters in Economics (KU Leuven), Special BA in Philosophy (KU Leuven)
  • Fields of expertise International economics and international business, European integration and European business
  • Career so far Vice-Rector, KU Leuven (2005-present); Professor of International Business, Vlerick (2000-present); Professor of International Economics and European integration, Faculty of Business and Economics, KU Leuven (1987-present); Professor of International Business, University of Rochester/University of Bern (1996-present); Dean of Faculty of Business and Economics, KU Leuven (2001-2005).

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