Intrapreneurial Belgium

The study “Success factors for intrapreneurship in various types of organisations” by our Flanders DC Knowledge Centre shows that Belgian employees are top class when it comes to displaying entrepreneurial behaviour in a company environment (= intrapreneurship). Who are these intrapreneurs? What do they come up with? And do organisations support this? “Belgium scores rather poorly when it comes to traditional entrepreneurship or start-ups,” says Pascal Cools, Director of Flanders DC. “But intrapreneurship can serve as a partial substitute.” The results of the study show that new ideas about products and services mainly come from senior managers, and that weaker intrapreneurship is generally a result of an organisational culture in which pro-active behaviour is inhibited. The study also demonstrates, however, that companies and organisations can work to create a more entrepreneurial corporate culture by offering more management support, planning in time to work on innovative ideas, recruiting a mix of people profiles, and improving awareness of external developments.

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