Vlerick reflect magazine #17 - March 2013

Welcome to the digital version of Vlerick reflect magazine! This special edition of Vlerick reflect gives you more insight into the Vlerick degree programmes.

Read the articles online and discover also the extra content and extra articles that you don’t find in the printed version. Moreover, we created extra MULTIMEDIA CONTENT:

  • You can download the magazine in PDF format.
  • A podcast will guide you through the articles of the central dossier: there's a version for iPod and a regular MP3 version
  • There's also a tablet version of the magazine: the iPad version can be read after downloading the Vlerick reflect app from the iTunes store; the Android version can be downloaded via Google Play Market

Contents Vlerick reflect #17- March 2013

Word from the dean

Word from the dean

School update

Dossier Degree Programmes

Corporate Partnership Magazine

Download the magazine 'Valuing corporate partnerships'

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