Flemish support: six more years

Philippe Haspeslagh and Ingrid LietenTogether with Flemish Minister of Innovation Ingrid Lieten, we’ve signed a new agreement that supports our research for the next six years, research that is very much in line with the Flemish innovation policy for dealing with social challenges. The agreement will help us to achieve four specific research objectives. The first is to significantly increase the number of top international academic publications.

Professor Filip Roodhooft, Research Dean, explains: “The agreement means we can further focus on research that is not just relevant to society and the business world, but that also has a strong methodological basis and is therefore of a sufficiently high quality to be eligible for publication in top international, academic journals.” We also want to further highlight the importance of doctoral research and strive towards greater international mobility and more intensive collaboration. Last but not least, the agreement opens doors to more successful applications to international funding bodies.

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