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MBA-FSI programme goes paperless

MBA FSI goes paperless

No more carrying heavy books and piles of paper! The MBA-FSI programme is a pilot for paperless teaching. Eliminating paper also means we don’t have to transport it, so we reduce our carbon footprint, too. On their first day, our students received a pre-configured iPad with applications to easily access all their course materials.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so we asked three of them for their first impressions. And they waxed lyrical. They’re unanimous on many things. The iPad allows you to travel light and with the modules taking place around the globe, this is an advantage not to be sniffed at. They absolutely love the easy sharing of information and the fact that all their materials, case studies, presentations and course notes are centralised in one place.

Having just finished the first module, they’re already looking forward to the next one, when they’ll be using truly interactive apps as well. So far they really can’t see any negatives – except perhaps that they mustn’t forget to pack their chargers!

“Better learning experience”

“I hadn’t used an iPad before, so it was all new to me and I was a bit apprehensive. But it’s so intuitive that I hardly needed any training and now I use it for everything! Internet access in class is great for background information, if you want to look up a word in an online dictionary or go to the website of one of the companies we’re discussing. The iPad isn’t just replacing the paperwork; it really enhances our learning experience!” Sylvia Braun, Senior Project Manager at SIX

“Almost paper-like”

“Although I wasn’t new to the iPad, I was a bit sceptical about using it to take notes. I needn’t have worried. One of our classmates pointed us to a marvellous app. I’m completely won over now! It gives an almost paper-like experience, although I must confess that I printed out all the documents for the first module and brought along my good old paper notebook. But I promise I won’t do it for the second module!” Bart Leeman, Manager Contact Center Bank Products at AXA Bank Europe

"A time-saver”

“I’d used the iPad before, but just to go on the internet. So this was an opportunity to improve how I use it. And I like it a lot! It’s smaller and lighter than a laptop and much more flexible. You can use your fingertips, but also a pen or a keyboard. I like to write and with the iPad it’s so easy that I now take it to all my meetings. I no longer have to retype my notes afterwards because I have them in digital format straight away. Now that’s a time-saver!” Matheus Coscelli Chammas, Insurance and Risk Manager at Odebrecht

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