Belgium, the heart of Europe

  • Belgium is at the heart of Europe. The most important cities of Europe, -London, Paris, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Köln, Bonn and Luxembourg - are all situated within a radius of 300 km around our capital Brussels. There are many reasons why someone could really enjoy living and working in Belgium. It is an exciting, modern country. It has outstanding museums and galleries and a vibrant cultural, gastronomic and professional life. It is known for its unique social security system. Also the school system and healthcare benefits are well developed.

  • Two of our campuses in Belgium are located in Flanders, the northern part of the country. With its ancient cities, its industry and ports, its coast line, Flanders has a lot to offer to its visitors. It is well known for its pieces of art by Rubens and Brueghel, and its tradition of tapestry, but also for its contemporary art and design, pop music, and fashion. Did you know that Antwerp recently was mentioned as one of the ten trendiest cities of the world in a famous international travel magazine? And that Ghent was nominated by the National Geographic Traveller Magazine as the third most authentic city in the world?

  • Flemish people speak Dutch, but most of them are also fluent in French and English, and will be happy to talk to you in these languages, making you feel at home very easily.

  • Belgium is host to many expatriates. Especially in and around Brussels, there is a multi-lingual and vibrant expat community. Finding an international school for the kids is not a problem 

  • Our capital city, Brussels, which is the location of our most recent campus, is one of the world's great cosmopolitan cities, home to both the European Union and NATO, as well as a wealth of international trade and finance companies.

  • Living cost in Belgium is moderate. Compared to other European cities, the cost of housing in the Belgian cities is very reasonable.

Belgium, the heart of Europe

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