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Push yourself professionally, enrich your mind and replenish your soul

Are you striving to find balance in a fast-changing world? Are you looking for new ways to grow professionally, personally and spiritually? The Progress Coins Club is a unique environment that allows you to build a treasure trove of knowledge, connections and resilience to invest and spend for a richer life. Join us to survive, prosper and find happiness!

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Our offer

Find diverse thinking, disciplines and viewpoints, and discover the resilience to thrive in this rapidly-changing world. Join us to share and discover:

  • The latest trends and maverick insights
  • Technical skills and proven practices
  • Spiritual approaches
  • A fresh appreciation of the arts

We’re inspired by each other and by high-level keynote speakers. Join our evening lectures and panel discussions, or come along on one of our weekend get-aways.

About the team

The club’s team of volunteers is made up of alumni and faculty. If you’d like to join them and help us to organise and plan, please reach out and let’s talk!

Head Volunteer
Rudi Lepomme
Alumnus of PUB/MGM 1977
+33 7 6743 9253

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How do you keep up in a fast-moving world, stay positive and keep your energy levels high? The Progress Coins Club has some of the answers. We help you build a wealth of inspiration, knowledge and connections that allow you to thrive in our changeable world. All paying alumni members and students can join us, free of charge.

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Maureen O'Hare

Maureen O'Hare

Head of Alumni Engagement