2022 Digital Finance Conference

The future of sustainable and integrated reporting: the role of technology

24 May 2022
1.30 PM – 9 PM (GMT +02:00)
BluePoint Business Center, Filip Williotstraat 9, 2600 Antwerpen
Young graduate, Professional, Alumni
€ 395
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24 May 2022
1.30 PM – 9 PM (GMT +02:00)
BluePoint Business Center, Filip Williotstraat 9, 2600 Antwerpen
Young graduate, Professional, Alumni
€ 395
Corporate event

By 2030, the annual report will need to clearly identify the links between sustainability and financial information. This half-day conference – designed by our Centre for Financial Leadership and Digital Transformation – explores the impact of technology on recording, reporting and implementing sustainable approaches.

You’ll hear from finance leaders, technology experts, scientists and data specialists. There will also be opportunities to talk to leading experts and academics.


Each track features three, highly-experienced speakers – as well as opportunities to share insights with fellow delegates.

  • Track 1: Sustainability reporting and standards: Evolution of current sustainability standards and reporting requirements
  • Track 2: Sustainability and technology: Use of technologies to collect and analyse data for more sustainable reporting
  • Track 3: Sustainability and reward: Remuneration from both an academic and a market perspective


This moderated discussion will see national and international CFOs discuss sustainability – and its current and future impact on the finance function.

Keynote talk

Robert Kaplan portrait

Prof Dr Robert Kaplan

Senior Fellow and Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership Development, Emeritus at the Harvard Business School

Use valid and auditable triple bottom line accounting to replace flawed ESG reports

Today’s ESG reports are not comparable across companies. They lack a rigorous conceptual foundation. And they’re only auditable with limited assurance, double negative opinions.

We’ll explore how mapping and balanced score cards can be used to communicate and implement strategies for better financial and ESG performance. We’ll also see how these measures can boost transparency and accountability.

We cover the new E-liability accounting system specified in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, that replaces the inaccurate Scope 3 measurements. Finally, we show how to introduce valid and verifiable societal performance reports by applying the principle of “Do no harm, Do some good.” 



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