Building sustainability into your company DNA

V-Entrepreneurs - the alumni network of Vlerick entrepreneurs

16 June 2022
5 PM - 10 PM
Watt The Firms
Part of V-Entrepreneurs
16 June 2022
5 PM - 10 PM
Watt The Firms
Part of V-Entrepreneurs
Topical event
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You want sustainability to be more than a box-ticking exercise in your company – because you know that sustainable businesses are more efficient and successful. But how do you embed sustainability so that it becomes part of everyday decision making? Prof. Xavier Baeten, along with our entrepreneurs, shares pioneering examples and best practice on becoming truly sustainable. This event is part of the V-Entrepreneurs community – the alumni network of Vlerick Entrepreneurs.



Xavier Baeten

Professor of Reward & Sustainability

Xavier Baeten focuses on sustainable value creation and identifying sustainability topics. He also specialises in stakeholder engagement.

Nicolas Bearelle

Founder & Executive Chairman at Revive

Founder and executive chairman of Revive, Nicolas motivates aspiring entrepreneurs to think sustainably

Roy Budjhawan

Head of Impact at Vebego

Family company Vebego is a frontrunner in providing meaningful work for all their employees. Roy will share how they have impact on their employees, as well as on society as a whole.

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This event is part of V-Entrepreneurs and is exclusively for our entrepreneurial community. V-Entrepreneurs is where you discover best practice, get inspired by thought leaders – and connect with peers, academics, partners and policy makers who will support you on your journey.

We have eight sessions to choose from – simply pick the four that are most relevant for you. There are two types of session:

  • Boost: Get inspired, explore key topics and stay ahead of trends
  • Connect: Build a powerful network of peers and contacts in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

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