Leadership and Ownership Transition: Every ending is a new beginning

V-Entrepreneurs - the alumni network of Vlerick entrepreneurs

10 November 2022
5 PM - 10 PM
Topical event

You built the business, you nurtured it and watched it grow. Which means taking the decision to step aside – and doing at the right time – can be tough. But if you don’t get the transition right, your business can suffer. This session shares best practice and new approaches to leadership and ownership transition – showing you how to create significant value for the business, stakeholders and owners.


Hans Crijns

Hans Crijns

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Hans Crijns shares insight into entrepreneurial processes and what they could mean for you.

Vlerick Learning Festival 2019


This event is part of V-Entrepreneurs and is exclusively for our entrepreneurial community. V-Entrepreneurs is where you discover best practice, get inspired by thought leaders – and connect with peers, academics, partners and policy makers who will support you on your journey.

We have eight sessions to choose from – simply pick the four that are most relevant for you. There are two types of session:

  • Boost: Get inspired, explore key topics and stay ahead of trends
  • Connect: Build a powerful network of peers and contacts in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

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Amber Ryckewaert

Amber Ryckewaert

Programme manager