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20 October 2022
5 PM - 10 PM
Topical event

Articulating your start-up’s culture – and maintaining it as you grow – is critical for success. This session provides academic and practical insights on how to define and embed your culture – and adjust it as your company grows. Prof. Veroniek Collewaert has collaborated with SHOWPAD to develop a live case study, illustrating the dos and don’ts of managing culture.


Veroniek Collewaert

Veroniek Collewaert

Professor of Entrepreneurship

Veroniek Collewaert explores – and improves – relationship dynamics between investors and entrepreneurs.

Vlerick Learning Festival 2019


This event is part of V-Entrepreneurs and is exclusively for our entrepreneurial community. V-Entrepreneurs is where you discover best practice, get inspired by thought leaders – and connect with peers, academics, partners and policy makers who will support you on your journey.

We have eight sessions to choose from – simply pick the four that are most relevant for you. There are two types of session:

  • Boost: Get inspired, explore key topics and stay ahead of trends
  • Connect: Build a powerful network of peers and contacts in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

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Amber Ryckewaert

Amber Ryckewaert

Programme manager