Career coaching: Diversity is the engine of invention

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Are you also inspired by diversity? Diversity is the engine of invention. It generates creativity that enriches the world.
Two keynote speakers, Françoise Chombar (CEO Melexis) and Saskia Van Uffelen (CEO Ericsson), share their insights on this topic.
On top, you’ll have the possibility to discuss about this topic with several experts during the dinner: you will be joined by an expert at your table and experts will rotate with every course of the menu.

The table experts are

 Françoise Chombar  Françoise Chombar (CEO Melexis)
 Saskia Van Uffelen  Saskia Van Uffelen (CEO Ericsson)
Anouk Van De Velde    Anouk Van de Velde (Executive Search Lincoln)

 Meredith Vets-Van Overloop

Meredith Vets- Van Overloop  (Founder & managing director Triangis and author "Het Overloop Effect, 7 hefbomen voor een betere werksfeer”)
 Françoise Roels  Françoise Roels (Executive Director Cofinimmo, Chair at Women on Board Belgium)
 Xavier Baeten   Xavier Baeten (Professor of Reward Management at Vlerick Business School)
 Yves Veulliet  Yves Veulliet  (Global Disability & Inclusion Program Manager at IBM)
 Saskia Van Den Kerkhove  Saskia Van Den Kerkhove (HR Manager at Liedekerke)


17h30:                    Welcome and reception at the Warande, a valet will take care of parking your car
18h00-18h15:        Introduction
18h15-19h15:        Keynote speakers
19h15-20h15:        Starter and main dish with table experts
20h15-22u00:        Dessert buffet

This is an exclusive event, and places are limited. Sign up now to secure your seat.

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