Fintech: Threat or opportunity?

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Long seen as a highly technical, highly regulated industry dominated by giant banks that resist disruption--other than the occasional global meltdown--finance is now finally joining the entrepreneurial wave. By choice, or by necessity?

Well, the finance industry finds itself in a perfect storm; with profitability still being an issue, they are open to new, cheaper, ways to conduct their business. Perhaps a more important factor are the customers who have embraced the idea of executing monetary transactions online. Thanks to the rise of the mobile, on-demand economy, they expect transfers to be immediate, authorized by the touch of a finger and most of all, free.
Goldman Sachs estimates that startups could steal up to $4.7 trillion in annual revenue, and $470 billion in profit, from established financial services companies.  Owning even a slight fraction of that market represents a billion dollar opportunity. So logically, investors are eager to get a piece of the action.
Case in point, one of our guest speakers, Wim Dewaele (Eggsplore, ex-iMinds) has co-founded an incubator that will be entirely dedicated to the Fintech space. However, not all startups aim to drive the financial dinosaurs out of business, Wim Derkinderen (Chairman & COO  Xpenditure, ex-Netlog) is building an expense platform that works in partnership with banks and credit card issuers. While, we’re at it, we gladly introduce another guest speaker; David Dab (CIO ING) will explore with us how banks deal with innovation and how they think about it. In case you really want a look in the future, we would recommend you to listen attentively when Gregroire Tondreau (Partner Roland Berger) will give us his views on the Fintech industry and its impact on the financial industry as we know it. If all of the previous sounds like rocket science to you, there is no need to panic. Bjorn Cumps (Professor digital banking Vlerick Business School) will kick-off the event with a brief “back-to–the future” introduction to the Fintech landscape.

We are happy to invite you to our first Fintech event which will take place at our Campus in Ghent on the 26t of November 2015. The event will start at 7.30pm and will end around 22pm. Afterwards, we welcome you to join us for a networking reception.

Keynote speakers

Bjorn Cumps (Vlerick Business School):  " Towards a new financial service landscape – setting the scene”

bjorn_cumps   Bjorn Cumps is a professor of digital banking at Vlerick business school with a passion for banking and technology. He pleads guilty of having a banking background as internal advisor and branch manager. Although some might disagree, he is not a technology nerd but sees technology as a great catalyst for change, inspiration and innovation. He strongly believes the new digital mind-set will reshape our current financial landscape. That is why he is fascinated by the Fintech scene which brings together traditional banks, tech companies and new digital start-ups.

 Wim De Waele (Eggsplore): " Making the transition to the ecosystem economy "















Wim De Waele is CEO at Eggsplore, which he founded in September 2015 with Jurgen Ingels, serial entrepreneur and former founder of Clear2Pay. Eggsplore is an organization that acts as coordinator and catalyst for the FinTech ecosystem, by providing a number of business and logistical services and by providing a face for the community through educational and network events, a yearly FinTech conference and a Brussels based entrepreneurial hub that houses FinTech organizations and companies. Eggsplore connects the dots in Fintech.

Prior to founding Eggsplore, Wim was the founder and Chief Executive Officer at iMinds (, a digital technology research center and incubator which started in 2004 and that he grew to a 50 Mio Euro organization by 2015. iMinds specializes in interdisciplinary research and development in the software sector, working with companies and other partners on the newest technologies in domains such as networking, media, security and healthcare. Under his management iMinds built a successful seed fund and incubator, which got him nominated as one of the top 100 most influential accelerator leaders.

Wim De Waele obtained his master degrees in Economic Sciences and Computer Sciences at the University of Ghent in 1987. He started his career as scientific researcher at the university in the area of artificial intelligence in industrial applications. He continued this work at Siemens R&D in Belgium and München. After that he built the European consulting organisation of the Canadian software company Numetrix, specialized in planning software for the consumer packaged goods and process industry. In 1994 Wim joined i2 Technologies as Services Director for Europa, where he also built the European organisation from zero. He then was promoted to vice-president of consumer goods and retail, and moved to i2 headquarters in Dallas. Upon his return to Europe in 2001, he became Chief Technology Officer of the distressed Real Software Group. After the turn-around and sale of the company to a private equity group, he left Real Software for IBBT on august 1, 2004.

Wim De Waele is also involved in public initiatives such as the new media center De Waalse Krook ( and start-up companies such as NewsAnglr ( and ( He is a member of the supervisory board of the early stage VOLTA Venture Capital Fund and is active as a business angel.

He lives in his town of birth, Ghent, in Belgium. In his spare time he enjoys music, travel and culinary experiments that he carries out himself.

 David Dab (ING Belgium): " Innovation in banking "













David Dab, joined ING Belgium in September 2014 as Chief Innovation Officer. His role is to enable, facilitate and accelerate innovation across the bank, whether it concerns incremental innovation our more disruptive innovation.

Prior joining ING, David was a Senior Vice President / Partner at McKinsey Solution, an internal venture-capital-like unit of McKinsey&Company that develops innovative businesses that are adjacent to the consulting business.

Before working at McKinsey Solution, David was the CEO of Corporate Banking Lens, a start-up and  50/50 joint venture between McKinsey and SWIFT.

Prior leading Corporate Banking Lens David had been with Euroclear for about 8 years where his last responsibility was in Strategy. Prior to this last role, he (1) was the head of the Post-Merger Management Office, a unit driving / supporting the integration all the Euroclear group acquisitions; (2) launched a major transformation program to improve operational efficiency in Euroclear Bank (Lean); (3) was the head of the Global-Pricing, Research and Common Services Department in the Product Management Division; and (4) developed the business case of two major IT investments – the Single Settlement Engine (SSE) and Euroclear Settlement of Euronext-zone Securities (ESES) projects. David was also involved in a large transformation programme in IT.

Prior to joining Euroclear, David Dab had been a consultant with McKinsey & Company for 7 years. At McKinsey, he played a key role in the development of the European Payment Practice. His clients included large international payment institutions, individual banks, shared utilities of domestic banks, as well as specialised technology players. He also served firms active in the securities industry.

David Dab holds a PhD in Physics from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. As a researcher he first worked at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and then at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He published articles in leading journals and worked with several labs across the world (both academic and corporate labs). One of his areas of specialisation was non-linear dynamics and cooperative behaviours.

Wim Derkinderen (Xpenditure)

 win_derkinderen After business studies in Economics, Marketing and Finance, Wim started working in small upcoming and sales driven companies like Spacechecker and Netlog. As an independent entrepreneur he always managed side projects in real estate and on stock exchange markets. As a spin-off of Massive Media, Wim co-founded Cardwise in March 2011 and took the role of CCO. He also represents the Board of Directors as chairman. 
Grégoire Tondreau (Roland Berger)

 gregoire_tondreau Grégoire joined Roland Berger in 2003. Prior to that, he worked at a global strategy consulting firm in Europe. He is a member of the management team of the Brussels office of Roland Berger and is responsible for the Financial Services and Investor Support Competence Centers in Brussels.

His areas of expertise include strategy and organization, M&A and market entry. In addition, he focuses on retail banking, insurance distribution and group functions. Grégoire Tondreau attended the INSEAD program for financial services and holds a Master's degree in Business Engineering from the Solvay Brussels School.