The Second Alienation : the era of worldwide cooperation (Geopolitical Lectures Series)

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4 February 2020
18.30 - 22.30
Campus Brussels

In this first session of the Geopolitical Series, the science philosopher Michael Vlerick will plead for a worldwide cooperation model in which citizens really have a say. He introduces his book : “De Tweede Vervreemding : het tijdperk van wereldwijde samenwerking”.

tweedevervreemding - book


The era of worldwide cooperation. For the second time in our history, technology radically changed our civilization. The first alienation occurred after the exponential population growth due to the agricultural revolution. Now we are experiencing the second alienation : the groups of our society are no longer detached from each other.

Globalization leads to a melting together of groups. To tackle world problems as climate change and overcrowding, we need to work together on a world scale for the first time.

Luckily humans are preprogrammed for cooperation. It is part of the human nature. But cooperation at world level requires to surpass the innate tribalism.

The present political context with where nationalism and exploitation thrive, shows it is not easy. Michael Vlerick argues there is a way, efficient and legitimate worldwide cooperation is not a dream. Moreover the tide is high. Humans for the first time in history can take their evolution in their own hands. We need to grab the chance and call to life a global social contract. A worldwide cooperation model where citizens have the say.


6.30 PM: Welcome
7.00 PM: Start of the session
9.00 PM: Networking


Michael Vlerick is science philosopher, teaching at the University of Tilburg. He investigated the limits and the status of human knowledge, based on the conclusion that cognitive capabilities are the result of evolution and natural selection. He is currently reflecting on how our society came about (the cultural evolution of institutions) and how we can improve it. His book “De Tweede Vervreemding” or the Second Alienation is the result.


This event is part of our Geopolitical Lectures Series. Discover the full programme of this series here.


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