Vision of Flemish coffee entrepreneurs in the Specialty Market (Geopolitical Lectures Series)

Category: Alumni Events
TBC (2020)
18.30 - 22.30
PAKT Antwerp

The world of coffee is continuously changing. In this second event in our Geopoliticial Lectures Series, two CEO's of renowned coffee companies - Rob Berghmans (Caffenation) and Cory Bush (32cup Coffee Merchants) -, will share their view on the global coffee trade.


flemishcoffee3The world of coffee is continuously changing, from its origins in the 16th century, coffee becoming a commodity that put Douwe Egberts or Jacqmotte on every table. This first wave of coffee culture changed into a second wave with the proliferation of espresso drinks and regionally labeled coffee culminating in the Starbucks decaf. We are now in the third wave of coffee connoisseurship, where beans are sourced from farms instead of countries, roasting is about bringing out rather than incinerating the unique characteristics of each bean, and the flavor is clean and hard and pure. In this session Flemish entrepreneurs will share their view on the global coffee trade.

Participants will receive a copy of the Caffénation Coffeebook.


6.30 PM: Welcome
7.00 PM: Start of the session
9.00 PM: Networking


Rob Berghmans is CEO of Caffenation bvba. After 17 years, Caffenation is Antwerp’s most renowned name in specialty coffee. In B2B, Caffènation boasts more than 100 venues across Europe as official “dealers.” The drug in question: single-origin espressos and filter coffees, predominantly African, all roasted on the lighter, Scandinavian side of the spectrum. Caffènation was born of a desire to create something “not like the old-school cafes and coffee corners they had in Belgium, but just in a new, relaxed way, like you see in New York. “

Cory Bush is CEO of 32cup Coffee Merchants. He is an American citizen and will give us insight in the trading world for coffee, in particular the business side of it. Cory Bush is an Africa-focused trader, and is responsible for building collaborative supply chains between African origins and clients around the world. He spends substantial amounts of time on the road in order to better understand the nuances of the many diverse and challenging supply chains across East Africa. He is a Q grader.


This event is part of our Geopolitical Lectures Series. Discover the full programme of this series here.


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