Personal Development: Leadership competencies by Mr. Jean Debrosse

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Personal Development

Our Master in General Management Alumni organize a series of 9 events throughout 2018 to boost your Personal Development.
The second event in this series is: Leadership Competencies by Mr. Jean Debrosse

 Jean Debrosse

Biography of the speaker Mr. Jean Debrosse:

40 + years experience in leading positions in multinational companies: change, leadership and strategy. Currently Business & HR consultant applying "conscious business": placing the human being at the center of the organization, and the organization at the service of humanity. Jean has a passion for the development of the human being and its place in the organization and is still practicing research at the IDM Inc. (Inter-developmental Institute). 

Our human competencies continue developing during all our life and we are able to influence this development.  What are these competencies that make the difference at work and in life, and how to develop them, with a focus on Leadership, is the central theme of this presentation.

Most of the time we are "intellectually" competent and satisfy the current needs of our stakeholders. Society has conditioned and rewarded us to do so. We are able to resolve complicated "technical" situations, but that's probably not enough to maintain our position, and certainly not enough to grow and adapt to the continuous flow of imposed changes and transformations. The development of specific human competencies is a pressing and urgent need and often requires a higher level of "maturity".  And the higher up we are in the organization, the more importance this is!
Although we learn by experience in a natural way this presentation clarifies how we learn: what are the clearly visible clues and characteristics that speed up your growth? These clues can tell us where we are in our social and emotional development.
The purpose of this session is to clearly show you how we all develop socio-emotionally from birth to old age wisdom. You will learn what differentiates the various stages of this universal journey.

More specifically we will apply it to Leadership and discern a hierarchy of leadership, and how each level differentiates from the other levels. You will also recognise the behaviours linked to each level. And most importantly you will receive hints of where you currently stand, and understand what you (and others) have been through.
This approach is scientifically based on the work of R. Kegan, O. Laske, J. Loevinger, E. Kubler-Ross, L.Kohlberg and others.

Please find below an overview:
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Thema  Date  Speaker   Place
People in change: stability management  29 Jan. 2018  Prof. Peter de Prins Campus Brussel
Leadership competencies  15 Feb. 2018  Mr Jean Debrosse Campus Brussel
Dealing successfully with people using Behavioral Styles (Dutch)  15 March 2018  Mr Willy Musschoot Campus Ghent
The interface of neurons in our brain (Dutch)  23 April 2018  Dr Luc Swinnen Campus Ghent
Attitude and motivation (Dutch)  7 May 2018  Mr Patrick Merlevede Campus Ghent
Employee engagement (Dutch)  31 May 2018  Mr Jos De Neve Campus Ghent
Burn-Out & Depression (Dutch)  13 Sept. 2018  Ms Willemijn van Dommelen Campus Ghent
Change and transition (Dutch)  22 Oct. 2018  Mr Douwe Nutterts Campus Ghent
Talent management and happiness (Dutch)  26 Nov. 2018  Ms Rita Raets  Campus Ghent


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