Learning Lunch: Company Cars

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Volvo car

Why you should attend

4 experts, 4 brief presentations and you are totally updated about the expectations, possibilities, risks and opportunities in the complex landscape of company cars and mobility.


 12.00PM Welcome 

Keynote speaker from Liedekerke: Cash or Car?

The keynote speech by prof Henk Verstraete, will address the following topics:
- "Cafetaria-plan" (cash for car) versus mobility budget (car for cash)
- Fee versus actual costs?
- 1 manager, 2 company cars?

 12.50PM  Starter

Ms. Sofie Van Acker, CFO, Volvo: A car for each employee? 

Sofie Van Acker will address the following topics:
- SUV Company Car versus the green ambition of the employer
- Qualification of cars and their taxes
- Are electrical/hydride cars useful?
- Car Policy versus the expectations of the employees. Is it the budget who decides?
  Are there any creative solutions to offer younger employees that pretty expensive family car?

 01.30PM  Main course

 Topic: Lease and/or insure cheaper

Jan Peeters, Manager product mgmt. motor, AG insurance will address the following topics:
- Influence of the car type & options on the cost of the insurance/leasing
- How to deal with drivers who cause many accidents?
- Tracking-system: advantages and disadvantages

02.00PM Mr. Benoit Lison, MD, Amrop: Is a company car still relevant as recruitment and retention tool?
 02.10PM  Coffee + Q&A


Important!: This event is in Dutch.


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