Finance Alumni: Godfather & Godmother event

Category: Alumni Events

Once again we would like to inform you about a great initiative the Vlerick MFM Alumni organizes which is open to all alumni of the MFM classes.

Since we all remember struggling with some questions at the beginning of our Vlerick adventure, we would like to call upon your (the  Vlerick MFM Alumni) knowledge and kindness.

Therefore, we are proud to present the “MFM Godfather / Godmother initiative!”

With this initiative, we want to give you the opportunity to get to know the curious and excited newbie students.  This way, we don’t lose the contact with our beloved School and the students already get to taste our great Vlerick stories and hilarious anecdotes.

We would like to invite you to the kick-off of the MFM Godfather/Godmother initiative on Friday September 14, 2018 at 20:00 on the Vlerick Brussels campus.
During the evening, we will pair the Students with the Alumni and get to know each other in an informal way.  Those who are really bonding with their godchild can join us later to a bar, to share some Vlerick "war stories" and have a beer with our fellow Alumni.

19.30 Welcome & Registration
20.00 Start event
22.00 Drinks