PUB/MGM: You & Networking: a perfect match

Category: Alumni Events

At the start of a new academic year, the Vlerick PUB/MGM Alumni has the objective to unite students in an informal setting. By doing so, the new MGM students can improve their networking skills, and build an initial, personal MGM alumni network.

Are you interested in understanding:

• what networking is all about?
• the best way to start networking?
• learning tips & tricks about networking?

In that case, we would like to invite you for the fourth edition of the MGM Networking Evenings, called “You & Networking: a perfect match?”

Extra information:

The objective of this event is to introduce the current MGM students into the topic of networking.
During this event, three speakers will share their insights with the MGM students:

Marleen Coppens (Crossbridge / Rara Avis) will talk about the impact of networking in finding your first job.
Christophe Vanden Eede (ENGIE) will elaborate about utilizing networking to achieve professional succes.”
• Jean-Paul Van Avermaet (G4S Security Systems) will share his perspective on networking in a professional context. 

The agenda consists of the following items:

19h30: Welcome
20h00: Start of session with guest speakers
21h30: Reception