"Scrambled Eggs" Brainstorm Weekend

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WHY? In a technology-driven fast-changing socio-demographic world, the opportunities for entrepreneurs are legio and the barriers to get started are low. You need a good idea, a good egg…

HOW? The goal of Scrambled Eggs is to maximize the amount of good ideas by scrambling views from different backgrounds.

What makes good brainstorms? Scrambled Eggs brainstorm weekend
 1.Be detached from your everyday life.   1.We go 2 days off-site.
2.Be faced with different points-of-view.  2.We scramble MFM, MGM and M3.
3.Be open-minded to other backgrounds.  3.We scramble entrepreneurs with intrapreneurs.

PROGRAM? Each day has a different goal.

  • Friday evening (7 p.m. onwards): Check-in, briefing & reception
  • Saturday: Today it’s brainstorm time! By consequently scrambling technologies, macro-economics and socio-demographics, we maximize the number of ideas. The goal is to lay as much eggs as possible.
  • Sunday: Today we select the pearls out of the sandbox. It’s time to make some of the ideas bigger via the Business model canvas. Indeed, we will select and hatch our most desirable egg. In the afternoon we have visitors. A panel reputable business captains will visit you to give feedback on your business model.
  • It goes without saying that between the official sessions, networking will be part of the fun.


Are you an entrepreneur looking for new insights?
Or are you an intrapreneur with a compelling urge to develop ideas? 


For this event we strive to scramble together enthusiastic entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with mixed backgrounds from MGM, MFM and M3. Please fill out the form via the Register Button and we’ll come back to you by Saturday.

Dieter Debacker (+32 491 72 18 18)

Scrambled Eggs 

This event is made possible by our partners:

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