How to deal succesfully with the challenges of recomposed families

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Every day people create new families. Dreams are created at the kitchen table, in search of a new balance. Adults and children each try to find their place within the family.

Children are the big challenges in these families, but are they really? If  the parents do their homework, it will model its structure and strengthen the relations.

Spreaker: Ms. Isa Deschuyteneer


Isa works already 30 years with children and families. Since 2007 she founded together with her husband the non-profit organisation ‘Centrum Zon-Maan. Isa is an integrative psychotherapist and well known and recognized as an expert in the field of stepfamilies.

She is one of the 5 Flemish authors of the book ‘Home in 2 family’, published by LannooCampus.

Isa is a popular guest speaker in many organisations, at various colleges and in the academic environment.


18u30 : Welcome
19u00 : Start Lecture
21u00 : Networking Reception