The Art of War ... for managers?

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This is the start of a new series of testimonials, where we invite managers, researchers, experts, ….. to speak about a book that has changed – or at least influenced - their life and career.

 Book The Art of War  

The first book will be ‘The art of War’.  This is an ancient Chinese treaty on warfare, dating from  the 5th Century BC. It is attributed to Sun Tzu, a military strtegist.
This book has also inspired corporations in search of strategies for success in competitive business situations.

To set the stage we start with a top speaker.

Simonne Vermeylen is a Vlerick alumna (PUB/MGM), and has also worked for the Vlerick Business School as a teacher and researcher on Corporate Strategy.

She will show us how this fascinating book can be linked to corporate strategy and current management practices.

Currently she is a Professor Strategic Management at the KU Leuven - campus Brussel.
Simonne Vermeylen 
She published books on Strategic Management and Performance Management.