The Executive Room - CEO and CHRO: Tandem for Change

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The Executive Room, joint Amrop-Vlerick Alumni event.
CEO and CHRO: Tandem for Change 

KBC Group: Johan Thijs, CEO & Annete Böhm, Senior General Manager Group Human Resources
INFRABEL: Luc Lallemand, CEO & Nico van Wijk, Director HR & Organisation

Companies at times face situations requiring change. Corporate management is then, often confronted with the taking of difficult decisions which shall, later on, have an important impact on the company´s functioning.

We wondered how top management handles such situations. Are decisions then being made based on one's own technical knowledge or as a result of a coordinated approach?

We wanted to pay a particular attention to links existing between CEO and CHRO. Does the CEO deal only with the overall corporate strategy and the CHRO exclusively with the human strategy or is more to be said?
Are they allies, coaches only in their respective domains or at times even having different interests?

We are delighted that 2 CEO's and 2 CHRO's were found willing to share their personal experience with you.

Looking forward to welcoming you. 


This event is on exclusive invitation only for our platinum members

9 November 2017

6.30PM : Welcome drink
7.30PM : Panel debate moderated by Mr Jan Van Acoleyen, Chief Human Resources Officer Proximus
9.00PM : Reception
10.00PM : Closing

Club van Lotharingen - Cercle de Lorraine
Poelaertplein 6 - 1000 Brussel
Public parking Poelaert 

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