Union negotiations: make the impossible possible!

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In Belgium, union negotiations often result in polarisation, confrontation and protest. This has a negative influence on the international mid and long term attraction of Belgium for investors and entrepreneurs.

How can it be different?
Learn how other EU countries moved from a confrontational to a cooperative model!

The conference moderator Dirk Buyens will challenge top guest speakers about their experiences gained across the EU and will look at how social policy innovations can best contribute to achieving employment and social goals. This input will be reflected to the current Belgian model and to scope the future of it.

dirk-buyens Moderator Dirk Buyens: doctoral-fellow at the IR Centre of the Graduate School of Management at the University of Minnesota (USA). He shares his 25 years of experience on people management and strategic HR with students at the University of Ghent. As academic dean of Vlerick Business School he has carried out numerous teaching and advisory tasks for organisations. He has published more than 100 articles in well-established magazines and has written several books and chapters on organisational development, career management and management skills in all its aspects.
pieter-timmermans From Belgium Pieter Timmermans, Chief Executive Officer of the VBO-FEB. He currently represents the Belgian employers in negotiations with unions and government. As member of “De Groep van Tien” he’s almost daily attached to the strengths and weaknesses of the current social model and is keen to share his opinion on the future trends and scope of the Belgian model.
paul-de-beer From the Netherlands, we are keen to welcome Paul de Beer in the panel. He is the Co-director AIAS (Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies) & professor at Henri Polak chair with focus on labour relations. As an author of several publications and books, he will elaborate on the “poldermodel” and the framework and best practices of it.
amir-ghoreishi From Austria, we have the pleasure to learn from Amir Ghoreishi. He’s the head of Office AK EUROPA at the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour. Austria has an extremely strong model, known as the “Sozialpartnershaft”. Amir will share his experience and reflection.
ritta-mynttinen From Finland, we enjoy learning from Riitta Mynttinen. She has more than 30 years' experience with executive accomplishments in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Her diverse business experience include multiple sectors, such as Coatings, Chemicals, Minerals, Nano-materials, Paper and Packaging. She is currently board member of Tikkurila OYJ (since 2011) and Mint of Finland Board of Directors (since 2010). Her background with both at Minerals Technologies and Rohm and Haas have exposed her to number of organizational challenges, including negotiations and overseeing negotiations with Unions in various countries in Europe. She's keen to share her experience during this debate. By focusing on the best practices, she’ll support scoping the future of the Belgian model.

18:45: doors open
19:15: start debate
20:45: end debate
20:45 –22:30: dinner and networking event

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