Wine Tasting: how to choose wine during a business lunch

Category: Alumni Events
 gedekte event We all know the feeling: you end up with the wine menu during a business lunch, and have no idea which wine to choose. 

During this event, sommelier Stijn Verleyen will discuss different types of wine, and which food to combine with your lunch choice. 

There will be warm snacks provided and plenty of opportunity to network.
You will be able to buy the wines after the tasting (no buying obligation). We are also glad to inform you that Wine in the City has received a Michelin star.
Stijn Verleyen  Stijn Verleyen

A language scholar by training (PhD), Stijn has taken a passionate interest in wine since several years, After having obtained a sommelier’s degree (Syntra Vlaanderen 2014), he started teaching wine classes in Brussels. Stijn also holds the advanced certificate of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET), loves traveling to vineyards and wine tasting around the globe.

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