Research brown bag on The ethics of scientific research: a critical look at current practices

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Sara De Hauw  Yuliya Shymko  Eva Cools

This month’s session is chaired by Sara De HauwYuliya Shymko and Eva Cools and focuses on “The ethics of scientific research: a critical look at current research practices”.

Some recent scandals (e.g. the Stapel case) created a heated discussion in the academic world about the ethics of scientific research that even made it into the news. As a consequence, various professional movements are taking place across different disciplines to shed light on questionable research practices and (re)define the basis of good research.

This session aims to open up this debate within Vlerick, focusing on three broad issues:

  1. individual research practices: what is not being disclosed about data, subjects and analyses
  2. institutional conditions: stimulating to cheat or an easy excuse?
  3. plagiarism.

This session takes place in room M 1.4 at our Ghent campus and can be followed through video conference at our Leuven (A 2.04) and Brussels (B 3.10) campus.


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