European Executive Reward Conference 2020

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Executive rewards seems to be at a crossroads.

Already before the corona crisis, voices in different circles (boardrooms, academics, investors) were gaining momentum in their cry for reconsidering a number of (firmly embedded) practices in executive rewards. During the crisis, we have seen top managers taking pay cuts as a token of solidarity with other workers, but also contributing to funds. Still in the midst of the crisis but taking a look forward, ideas are being launched for a real reform, including ingredients such as more attention for long-term value creation (also from a societal perspective), inclusion of sustainability indicators, a stronger stakeholder engagement and encouraging executives to become shareholders.

In this context, Vlerick Business School’s Executive Remuneration Research Centre wants to take up its forum function, powered by its database comprising the STOXX Europe 600 firms, including data on executive remuneration levels, structures and KPIs of listed firms spread over 16 European countries. The key focus of the centre’s conference on executive rewards will be to share relevant insights from research in order to prepare for a future where a main challenge will be to combine attention for societal acceptance with strategic alignment and motivational impact.

23 November 2020
10.00 AM - 12.15 PM (CET)
Online via Zoom
Reward & HR professionals

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“Using reason without applying it to experience only leads to theoretical illusions. Ideas derived from real world experiences lead to acquisition of knowledge, and the accumulation of time-tested principles leads to wisdom.” – Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls
10.00 AM

Learning from the past: Aligning executive pay with performance
Prof Dr Dirk Jenter, Associate Professor of Finance at the London School of Economics

Professor Dirk Jenter will provide answers to questions such as whether executives can be controlled by the means of executive rewards, how board members think about/look at executive rewards and how long-term value creation can be enforced by the means of executive rewards.

10.45 AM Exchange among participants on challenges in executive rewards (virtual breakout sessions)
11.15 AM

Preparing for the future: Identifying performance-enhancing executive reward practices
Prof Dr Xavier Baeten, Director Vlerick Reward Centre and Professor Reward & Sustainability at Vlerick Business School

Professor Xavier Baeten will share insights into which executive reward policies and systems do enhance firms’ performance. He will base his findings on the Executive Remuneration Research Centre’s database covering the 2014-2019 period. A main novelty is that, thanks to the technique of panel data analysis, the researchers are able to put a causal perspective, i.e., the impact of executive rewards on performance.

12.00 PM Time for your questions
12.15 PM Closing

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