Executive Remuneration Conference 2016

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European top executives:
How much are they paid? How are they paid? What are they paid for?

Director's pay in innovative knowledge-based enterprises

Unveiling the economic psychology of incentives

The Executive Remuneration Research Centre (ERRC) of Vlerick Business School has become a solid reference in the field of executive reward management. Following its yearly tradition, ERRC has conducted an in-depth research of the remuneration reports of over 700 listed firms in 6 countries: Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and (new for this year!) Sweden. This yearly research enables ERRC to provide the latest data on executive remuneration levels, the composition of the packages as well as on the design of short- and long-term incentives.

On 7 December 2016, ERRC and GUBERNA organise their yearly Executive Remuneration Conference. Vlerick Professor Xavier Baeten - Director of the ERRC - will present the findings of the yearly study of remuneration reports. Next, Professor Lutgart Van den Berghe - Executive Director of GUBERNA - will zoom in on director’s pay in Innovative Knowledge-based Enterprises. Both sessions go beyond the current data and also focus on the main challenges in this field. Finally, we are enlightened to announce Professor Sandy Pepper - Department of Management, London School of Economics - as the conference keynote speaker. He will dig into the latest insights related to the economic psychology of incentives.

Broaden your network, enrich your knowledge & subscribe for the Vlerick/GUBERNA Executive Remuneration Conference on 7 December in Brussels. This conference targets Compensation & Benefits professionals, HR professionals, board members, academics, and everyone looking to stay on top of the most important trends in executive remuneration.



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Sharing and commenting executive remuneration data: what does the analysis of more than 700 remuneration reports learn?

Over the last years, the Executive Remuneration Research Centre has developed a strong tradition in gathering, analysing and synthesising data on executive remuneration throughout Europe (Belgium, Germany, France, UK, The Netherlands, Sweden).This presentation will provide the latest insights on executive remuneration in Belgium as well as the Netherlands within their European context. This year, the centre has further refined its methodology to include data on bonus deferral, bonus pay-out, the design of long-term incentives as well as the classification of key performance indicators.

Prof. Dr. Xavier Baeten, Professor Reward & Sustainability, Vlerick Business School


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Executive pay in Innovative Knowledge-based Enterprises

According to recent research from GUBERNA, a major challenge for Innovative Knowledge-based Enterprises is the remuneration of directors (executives as well as non-executives). Notwithstanding the recommendations of current best practice, there are strong grounds for allowing executives as well as non-executives to be compensated by some form of equity-based compensation. Discussing these proposals together with some further data analysis, we will shed some more light on how Belgian and European ICT and Biotech firms are compensating their non-executive and executive directors. It is interesting to learn to which extent their practices are deviating from more ‘traditional’ firms. And if deviating from governance recommendations, how are they explaining those practices? And do shareholders agree?

Prof. Dr. Lutgart Van den Berghe, Executive Director Guberna, Partner Vlerick Business School


Keynote: Unveiling the economic psychology of incentives: Do long-term incentive plans work?

Prof. Pepper will argue that the current assumptions underlying executive incentives are based on a flawed model of human behaviour. Based on this, he will identify four reasons why long-term incentive plans don’t work in the way that their proponents expect. He will examine the evidence and explain the implications of the latest research in this field.

Prof. Sandy Pepper, Professor of Management Practice – Department of Management, London School of Economics

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Kind regards,

Prof Dr Xavier Baeten
Head Vlerick Reward Centre
Partner Vlerick Business School

Lutgart Van den Berghe
Executive Director GUBERNA
Partner Vlerick Business School



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