Googliness in a digital world

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How does google cope with the transforming digital world and what can you learn for your business?

Get enlighted by our 2 top keynote speakers: Mr. Edward Boute (Google) and Mr. Thomas Kallstenius (iMinds) at Google in Brussels.

Keynote speakers

  • Mr. Edward Boute, Google
  • Mr. Thomas Kallstenius, iMinds

Extra information


  • 18h30-19h : Welcome
  • 19h-20h : Googliness in a digital world - Edward Boute
  • 20h-21h : Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Belgium - Thomas Kallstenius
  • 21h-22h : Networking

Exec summary of the presentation:

Today's world is being transformed in a digital world which can be
disruptive to some sectors. Examples of the car and media industry are
legio. The fact that our government has difficulties with governing the
Ubers and AirBnbs of this world show our reluctance to this disruption.
How does Google cope with this digital transformation and what can you
learn for your organisation, is the topic of Vlerick Alumni networking
event on June 11th at the GooglePlex in Brussels.

Bio Edward Boute - Google:

Edward graduated in 2005 as iMBA in Leuven and is now
heading up Google Enterprise in Belgium and Luxemburg. He joined Google
after 4 years at VMware, another growth company from Silicon Valley know
for its virtualisation technology. Before that, he worked at worlds largest
beer company - AB Inbev - as Organisation Director and started his career
at HP in varies roles in consulting and sales.
He is fan of his 2 daughters, belgian chocolates, and intensive sports i.e.
kitesurfing, cycling and triathlon.

iMinds abstract:

iMinds is the digital research center and business incubator for Flanders, Belgium. iMinds has pioneered demand-driven collaborate research with industrial partners with it’s ICON model. This presentation will discuss the merits of this research model for innovation and how this links to iMinds incubator and recently announced new strategic research laboratories.

Bio Thomas Kallstenius - iMinds:

Thomas Kallstenius graduated in 2005 as iMBA in Leuven and is now head of iMinds strategic research labs as well as research and innovation strategy. Prior to joining iMinds, Thomas was director at Bell Labs with specific focus on video communication, and prior to this, he worked for Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson.
In addition to the MBA from Vlerick, Thomas holds a Masters Degree in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden), a PhD in fiber optics materials from Uppsala University (Sweden). He is also board member of the FTTH Council Europe.

Important note: this event will be in English


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