Webinar: Healthcare innovation: How do you set priorities?

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In our upcoming webinar, Professor Pascal Verdonck and Professor Walter Van Dyck discuss this complex challenge.

Healthcare innovation focuses on enhancing quality of life, life expectancy, diagnostics and treatment options – as well as improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the healthcare system. But how do we decide which innovations to prioritise?

Join us to discover how hospitals, medtech, pharma and biotech can all contribute towards value-based healthcare. We’ll explore diverse perspectives and different decision-making processes – and debate the balance between the health benefits and economic impact of innovation.

Prof. Pascal Verdonck

Pascal Verdonck, full professor of medical technology at Ghent University and a visiting professor at KU Leuven
Prof. Pascal Verdonck is full professor of medical technology at Ghent University and a visiting professor at KU Leuven. He is an active member of the board of directors of many organisations – including Acerta, Artevelde University College, AZ Maria Middelares Hospital, OLV Aalst Hospital, MedTech Flanders, Voka Flanders Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Belgian Society of Hospital Directors.

Prof. Walter Van Dyck

Öycku Isik
Prof. Walter Van Dyck is the director of Vlerick’s Healthcare Management Centre and teaches technology and innovation management. He’s a visiting professor in pharmaceutical economics and management at KU Leuven – and is a co-founding scholar of the Personalised Medicines Strategies Fund. He collaborates with Imperial College London to run a European-wide entrepreneurial boot camp that helps health tech entrepreneurs prepare for investment. Over the years he has coached global and multinational life science companies through the launch of more than 200 innovative ideas.


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