Masters Open Day Ghent Campus

Open Day Ghent


2 July 2018

3 - 5 pm

Ghent Campus

Masters students & Young Graduates

Experience our Masters!

Looking for a Masters programme that will kick start your career? We're eager to help you find the perfect match! Join our Masters Open Day and follow a free workshop at our Ghent campus on Monday 2 July 2018!

The programme:

3:00 pm     Vlerick Masters, Careers & Admissions

3:30 pm     Workshop Negotiation Skills

4:30 pm     Networking drink with current students & staff


Miguel Meuleman

Workshop : "Why fight for survival if you can collaborate for success?"

by Prof Barney Jordaan

The need for us to collaborate with others - in business and in the personal sphere - has never been greater. Nature has given us the inherent ability to do so. Yet we tend to compete or even fight for results or to ‘win’, not realising that doing so could not only limit the outcomes we achieve, but also put unnecessary pressure on the relationships that matter most. Why is this so? How can we unlearn the habits that cause unnecessary conflict and stress in interaction with others? And what can we do to not only enhance our gains but also enhance our personal well-being?



Meet us at upcoming events or get in touch with our programme advisor to schedule a campus visit!

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Masters Open Day Ghent Campus

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