Personal Development: Talent Management and Happiness by Ms Rita Raets

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Personal Development

Our Master in General Management Alumni organize a series of 9 events throughout 2018 to boost your Personal Development.
The ninth and last event in this series is: Talent management and happiness by Ms. Rita Raets

Rita Raets lets you taste a methodology that helps you to tap sources into yourself so that you can live up to the movie of your life and come closer to a happy life, both private and professional.

This event is in Dutch. All event information can be found on the Dutch page. Please click on NL in the upper right corner.

Please find below an overview:
If you register for the complete series, you can join at a reduced price. Please follow this link.

Thema  Date  Speaker   Place
People in change: stability management  29 Jan. 2018  Prof. Peter de Prins Campus Brussel
Leadership competencies  15 Feb. 2018  Mr Jean Debrosse Campus Brussel
Dealing successfully with people using Behavioral Styles (Dutch)  15 March 2018  Mr Willy Musschoot Campus Ghent
The interface of neurons in our brain (Dutch)  23 April 2018  Dr Luc Swinnen Campus Ghent
Attitude and motivation (Dutch)  7 May 2018  Mr Patrick Merlevede Campus Ghent
Employee engagement (Dutch)  31 May 2018  Mr Jos De Neve Campus Ghent
Burn-Out & Depression (Dutch)  13 Sept. 2018  Ms Willemijn van Dommelen Campus Ghent
Change and transition (Dutch)  22 Oct. 2018  Mr Douwe Nutterts Campus Ghent
Talent management and happiness (Dutch)  26 Nov. 2018  Ms Rita Raets  Campus Ghent

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