Supply Chain Network 2017

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The Supply Chain Network offers keynote speeches either focusing on recent supply chain research, a successful supply chain project or a recent book in this area. It is an ideal way to stay informed about the latest developments in Supply Chain Management and a great opportunity to grow your network by meeting your peers, current students, alumni, and our Vlerick faculty.

For 2017, we have again selected three inspiring keynote sessions on hot topics in the logistics and supply chain management field. These activities are free of charge, but subscription is required.

19h00  - 19h30     Welcoming drink and sandwiches
19h30 – 20h30     Keynote speech
20h30 – 21h00     Q&A
21h00                  Closing drink

  • 16 February 2017, Brussels campus (Lecture Room 1)
    We read for you - Yossi Sheffi’s book
    “The Power of Resilience: How the Best Companies Manage the Unexpected”
    By Prof Behzad Samii (Vlerick Business School)

A catastrophic earthquake is followed by a tsunami that inundates the coastline, and around the globe manufacturing comes to a standstill. State-of-the-art passenger jets are grounded because of a malfunctioning part. A strike halts shipments through a major port. A new digital device decimates the sales of other brands and sends established firms to the brink of bankruptcy. The interconnectedness of the global economy today means that unexpected events in one corner of the globe can ripple through the world's supply chain and affect customers everywhere. In this book, Yossi Sheffi shows why modern vulnerabilities call for innovative processes and tools for creating and embedding corporate resilience and risk management. Sheffi offers fascinating case studies that illustrate how companies have prepared for, coped with, and come out stronger following disruption -- from the actions of Intel after the 2011 Japanese tsunami to the disruption in the "money supply chain" caused by the 2008 financial crisis.

Media and print media in particular is a sector where next day delivery is a constant concern. Fiege acts as a logistics service provider in organising and controlling the last mile within this sector. Hence dealing with these short notice delivery terms, puts them in an expert position to share practices and insights for other sectors, faced with similar goals. As part of the NexTrust European research network, Fiege researches how to deal with sharing economies and will share what works and what not. The session will dig deeper on what trends are to expected further in e-commerce delivery.

  • 12 October 2017, Brussels campus (Lecture Room 1)
    Digital transformation in logistics
    By Prof Ann Vereecke (Vlerick Business School), Sven Verstrepen (Ahlers) & Roel Vanmaele (Ahlers)

Ahlers is family-owned Belgian logistics group, which has been successful as a maritime shipping line, freight forwarder and logistics service provider. However, in recent years, the business model of freight forwarding has suffered significant pressure from digitization and new market entrants such as Amazon and Uber who are trying to disrupt the multi-billion transport industry. In view of this evolution, in 2015 Ahlers proactively decided to turn around its traditional business model by setting up a new division for supply network innovation and big data analytics. This presentation will tell you more about Ahlers’ journey from “red ocean” to “blue ocean” player and the necessary obstacles and challenges along the way.


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