Supply Chain Network 2020

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The Supply Chain Network offers keynote speeches either focusing on recent supply chain research, a successful supply chain project or a recent book in this area. It is an ideal way to stay informed about the latest developments in Supply Chain Management and a great opportunity to grow your network by meeting your peers, current students, alumni, and our Vlerick faculty.

After a hiatus due to Covid-19, we start again with the keynote speeches, in a first phase online. For Fall 2020, we have selected inspiring keynote sessions on a hot topic in the logistics and supply chain management field: 


19h00 – 20h00     Keynote speech
20h00 – 20h30     Q&A


15 October 2020
The future of sustainable and efficient logistics: how the modal shift from road to rail changes everything
By Lineas (Geert Pauwels, Chief Executive Officer)

Today, Lineas is the largest private rail freight operator in Europe. But that wasn’t always the case. Originally a loss-making division of the state-owned SNCB, an unprecedented journey of rigorous reorganisation and privatisation, coupled with the disruption of traditional logistics, transformed the company into a frontrunner for rail freight solutions across Europe. Geert Pauwels, CEO of Lineas, will take you on this journey to sustainable growth through innovation and discuss what’s in store for the future.

19 November 2020
Yossi Sheffi's "Balancing Green - When to Embrace Sustainability in a Business (and When Not To)" book review
By Prof Dr Behzad Samii

The demands and stresses on companies only grow as executives face a multitude of competing business goals. Their stakeholders are interested in corporate profits, jobs, business growth, and environmental sustainability. In this book, business strategy expert Yossi Sheffi offers a pragmatic take on how businesses of all sizes navigate these competing goals. Drawing on extensive interviews with more than 250 executives, Sheffi examines the challenges, solutions, and implications of balancing traditional business goals with sustainability.

Sheffi, author of the widely read The Resilient Enterprise, argues that business executives' personal opinions on environmental sustainability are irrelevant. The business merits of environmental sustainability are based on the fact that even the most ardent climate change sceptics in the C-suite face natural resource costs, public relations problems, regulatory burdens, and a green consumer segment. This book aims to help companies satisfy conflicting motivations for both economic growth and environmental sustainability.


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