Food Marketing: Hungry for more?

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The Marketing Alumni club invites you to an inspirational evening full of entrepreneurial stories about startups who challenge entrenched traditions in the food industry.

Take a look at the keynote speakers we have on the event menu for you:



Wim Ballieu – Founder of Balls & Glory

The story of Balls & Glory starts in 2012 when Wim Ballieu developed his first meatball recipe. Wim embarked on a mission to offer simple, original and tasty dishes. That same year the first B&G pop-up was a fact! From there on out Wim has not only branched out to restaurant locations in different cities but also a food truck and retail distribution.
The inspiring story of an original idea becoming a fixed value in our restaurant landscape – brought to you by the man himself.



Helena Gheeraert - Founder of Wonky

In 2016 Helena Gheeraert was determined to tackle the food waste problem and founded Wonky.
Wonky offers healthy and delicious dips made of rescued vegetables. Together with food processing companies, the startup rescues vegetables that would otherwise go to waste just because of esthetic reasons.
Now, 5 ton rescued vegetables later, Helena looks back on an intense but meaningful rollercoaster and learning process.
She will tell you what she’d do differently and how she followed her passion: creating, telling and spreading meaningful stories.


Stéphane Ronse – Founder of Foodbag

Stéphane Ronse will inspire you with their innovative, healthy, efficient way of cooking and their sustainable approach on shopping for groceries: from selecting suppliers to minimizing food waste to creating new, fun recipes for their customers.


Lou Claessens - Seedlip

What to drink when you’re not drinking? Ben Branson decided to apply his family’s 300 years of experience in agriculture to develop an entirely new category in the beverage market: the non-alcoholic spirit. Seedlip is a groundbreaking product and currently served in many of the world’s most renowned Michelin star restaurants and cocktail bars. But how did they manage to position this revolutionary brand?
Lou Claessens, the brand’s Benelux ambassador and top notch bartender, will gladly share their story with you.


In line with the topic of the evening, delicious food and refreshing drinks will be served during the event!

6:30 pm: Doors Open
7:15 pm: Start first keynote speech
9:00 pm: Networking reception

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