Vlerick Alumni Oldtimer Rally 2018

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The coldest days of the year have -hopefully- passed and it’s time to look forward to warmer future events. For the third year, the Vlerick Finance Alumni are hosting the Vlerick Old-timer Rally on Sunday May 20th 2018 (Pentecost Sunday). Start preparing yourself for a road trip to remember! It’s time to let the wind blow through your hair, to feel the sun on your skin and to be amazed once again by the many roaring engines of exquisite old-timers. Following numerous requests, we will add a GT chapter strictly reserved for sports cars.

The Vlerick Old-timer Rally is the perfect daytime activity on this Holy Day. Contact your favorite co-pilot, make sure your beautiful old-timer shines like new and fill up the gas tank.

The journey starts in the Flemish Ardennes, will pass by several successful companies that have a link with Vlerick Business School. To guarantee that this scenic journey will feature several surprises for every participant, we can only share that the route will guide you from the Oudenaarde region towards Ypres. The rally will finish at the Golf & Countryclub Oudenaarde with a networking barbecue.

Food and beverages will be provided throughout the day (from breakfast to an exquisite lunch until the casual barbecue in the evening). 
You will receive a road book and detailed briefing at the start of the rally (no regularity included)


pic campus


pic campus


pic campus


on the route


 the Oldtimer Rally 2017

Discover the pictures!


on the route


on the route


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on the route

Subscription fee:

-   EUR 275 per car (Platinum and Gold paying Vlerick Alumni members), this includes participation,
    road book and all-day catering for the pilot and co-pilot (*).
-   EUR 325 per car (Silver paying members and non-paying Vlerick alumni), this includes participation,
    road book and all-day catering for the pilot and co-pilot (*)
-   Advertising pack: EUR 500 per car: support and sponsorship fee, this includes participation, road book, 
    all-day catering for pilot and co-pilot AND a full page advertisement in the road book for your company (*).
-   EUR 125 per person for additional passengers in the car (*)
*no VAT applicable


50 cars
40 Oldtimers: minimum 25 years old
10 GTs: strictly sportscars with maximum 2+2 seats and minimum 400 bhp


09.30 - 10.00:
Welcome breakfast and briefing at Secret Location + start of the rally
11.30 - 14.00: Exquisite lunch @ Valcke Beton Ypres
14.00 - 14.30: Start of the afternoon session
15.30 – 16.00: Coffee break @ TBC Location
16.00 – 16.30: Head off to final destination
17.30 – 18.00: Arrival @ Golf - & Countryclub Oudenaarde

In cooperation with:

BMW B V B A D R I N K S 52 the Capital Link 

This event is made possible by our partners:

Corporate Partners Vlerick Alumni