Vlerick Alumni Sailing Cup 2012

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The Alumni Sailing Cup is the yearly sailing weekend organised by the Vlerick MBA alumni.
It consists of a relaxing all-inclusive weekend sailing or hanging out on the water, good food, lots of drinks and enjoyable networking. Those that want to race, can compete against some of the other boats whilst others prefer to have a more chilling experience on the water (or stuck at a sandbank). Sleepovers are on the boats.

Please let the organization know asap if you would be interested in forming a team. There are also some vacancies on the boat of the Vlerick MBA Alumni board which can be filled up with people not having a complete crew or who are unable to attend the whole weekend.
The Alumni Sailing Cup is also open to non-Vlerick alumni.
DD: Fri 14/09/2012 - Sun 16/09/2012


Extra information

Last year Vlerick had an armada of 9 ships.

This event is ideal for a reunion with your former classmates or to introduce your partner and friends in the Vlerick Alumni world.

  • Friday 14/09 (start as of 19:00):
     o Check in on yachts
     o Welcome cocktail & snack dinner
     o Socializing & getting to know the boat
     o Sleepover on yacht
  • Saturday 15/09:
     o Breakfast on yachts
     o Sail-off & warming up maneuvers
     o Picnic on board
     o Regatta (whole day)
     o Dinner ashore
     o Social activity
  • Sunday 16/09 (end 16:30):
     o Breakfast on yachts
     o Sail-off & continuation of regatta
     o Picnic on board

The yachts
The yachts are new (max 5 years old) Bavaria's. For those knowing their way around in the Bavaria range: there are Bavaria 31, Bavaria 32, Bavaria 33, Bavaria 36 and Bavaria 37.
You can find more info on the boats on the site of the manufacturer.
Composing your team
The boats come in a 2 cabin or 3 cabin version. Hence, there are 6 or 8 places on board (2 cabin means 2x2 persons in the cabins and 2 additional persons on the bench in the living space of the boat).
 Since as a general rule we only accept subscriptions per boat, it makes most sense financially to compose your team out of 6 or 8 persons. Composing a team is rather easy since 3 persons + their partner already form a complete crew.
 In theory only one person of your boat should be a Vlerick alumnus to sail under the “Vlerick alumni flag”. In reality, we strive to have at least 2-3 persons of the crew to be Vlerick alumnus.
Requirements for skippers
Although having the necessary experience in being in charge of similar boats, skippers do not need to have a license (yachtman or other). However, it is important that they are confident that they will be able to assure the safety of the boat and, more important, of each of your crew members. The skipper of each boat is responsible for her/his boat and crew! If you don't feel confident, there is always the possibility to rent a skipper via the organization. Please contact us for prices and availability of skippers.
Sailing requirements for crew members
There are no specific requirements for crew members. It is perfectly possible to participate without any experience at all. During Saturday morning, all teams will test the boats. A skilled skipper (your skipper or a skipper you hired for the weekend) will train you and your fellow crew members in how to operate the boat.
One day Sailor
If you cannot make it the whole weekend, but you would like to join us for a one day sailing experience, please contact the event organizer Peter Poelman. There might be some one day seats available.



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