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Networking is key in today’s professional life. It is no longer a nice to have, but a must have part of the skill set of every manager or entrepreneur. This is easier said than done. If you’re not yet a great networker, no worries; thanks to this hands on introduction session you will no longer have fear to network. We offer you a session full of tips and tricks, so that we finally leave our network comfort zone and get into our network effort zone.

“Networking starts with meeting people. But the work starts afterwards: keep the network alive and make it work for you”.

The session will be based around two statements:
• Is networking a hype, an evil or a part of your life?
• Stop selling and go instead for being bought, by activating your network.

What can be expected during the session:
• Elevator pitch
• Definition(s) of networking and evolution on networking
• Holy triangle of networking
• Business cards
• Difference between a salesperson and a networker
• In 4 steps (via our network) we generate more sales
• Personal Network Plan (PNP)
• Non-verbal communication
• 10 commandments of networking
• …

Dimitri Verhoyen in 3 sentences:

 Dimitri Verhoye Dimitri Verhoye lives in, for, thanks to his network. After an international career of 20 years, of which 4 years as expats in US (Atlanta based, Georgia) he came back home. During his sabbatical in 2010, he decided to disappear 6 months from the scene… he wrote down his network methodology (grasping out of his 25 year’s of network backpacking). His Leitmotiv in networking is pretty clear: ‘It’s more important who you know than what you know”. His networking sessions and trainings are always a mixture of a little theory, lot’s of best and worst practices and above all plenty of interaction. Today he’s travelling around the globe with his networking backpack – ready to share, because sharing is caring. 

7:30pm: start
9:00pm: end
After the event we will offer you an opportunity to try out your new skills at our networking reception.

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