#VlerickWAC: Amsterdam: Vlerick Community Summer Vibes: Thriving in a 3D world

Category: Alumni Events

We live in a 3D world, characterised by data, digitilisation and disruption. It is a world full of innovation opportunities, and full of incumbent traps. We would like to encourage and support you to thrive in this fast-changing world.

For our #VlerickWAC event in Amsterdam, it is our pleasure to personally invite you to the Vlerick Community Summer Vibes on Monday 24 June.

On this evening, we will warmly thank you for your  support for Vlerick by experiencing again, the Vlerick vibes. Marion Debruyne, Vlerick Dean and Professor Marketing, Strategy & Innovation, will take you on a journey through a 3D world. How do we leverage our people to drive innovation forward? Do we nurture the explorers as much as we nurture the exploiters? How do we create opportunities for innovation?

One thing is for sure. To survive, learning is a constant and unlearning a necessity.
What does all of this mean for business education? How do we at Vlerick practise what we preach?

Register now for an evening full of energy, a lovely dinner and the dynamic Vlerick community!

6.00 pm     Welcome drinks & bites
6.30 pm     Welcome by Xavier Baeten, Partner The Netherlands Vlerick, and Naval Joshi,
Alumni Chapter Head The Netherlands
6.40 pm     “Live – Learn – Leap; Encourage you to thrive in a 3D world, 
interactive keynote by Marion Debruyne, Dean Vlerick
7.30 pm     Summer Drinks & Dinner